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Wild Flower & Co.
Wednesday, 6 August 2008
My Brother John and My Other Brother John
Mood:  d'oh
We were at physical therapy (PT) for Scooter's foot yesterday.  The PTs are John and Carol.  A patient named Don came in and sat down in the waiting room where you can't see around the wall if you're in the main therapy room.  Then a patient named John came in and sat down.  So Carol said to John, "Don's here."  And John said, "No, John's here."  And Carol said, "I know you're here.  Don's here."  And this went on for a while until everyone figured out that Don AND John AND John were all there.  And Scooter was trying so hard to stifle his giggles, he was practically crying.

Posted by happyrainbow at 10:08 PM PDT

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